Who’s coming to CS Forum 2011?

Whether you registered months ago or you’re still undecided, we know you’re desperate to find out who else is coming to Content Strategy Forum 2011 in London.

Find out who else is coming to Content Strategy Forum 2011 in London. You won’t be disappointed.

20 countries, 5 continents

London is one of the most diverse cities in the world (we speak more than 300 languages). Unless you work for the United Nations—more on that in a second—CS Forum might be the most international conference you’ve ever attended.

You’ve heard about our 39 speakers from 11 countries, right? Well, you’ll get to meet even more people from around the world. Our registered attendees come from 20 countries, across 5 continents:

  • Europe
    • Austria
    • Belgium
    • Denmark
    • Finland
    • France
    • Germany
    • Iceland
    • Ireland
    • Italy
    • Luxembourg
    • Netherlands
    • Norway
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
    • UK
  • North America
    • USA
    • Canada
  • Asia
    • India
  • Africa
    • South Africa
  • Oceania
    • Australia

Companies and organisations

This is a conference for people who work in-house for organisations as much as it’s for consultants and agency people. We have attendees from a diverse range of industries, from the smallest one-person shop to mega-corporations. Check out a few companies that are attending CS Forum:

The only thing missing is…you

If you haven’t registered yet, now’s your chance. Get in while you can, because this conference is only coming to London once. It’s now or never.

Pass it on

If you’re already signed up, you still have some homework. Email, tweet, Facebook, or Google+ five people who you think should come to this conference. Yes, five. Do it for their career, for your enjoyment, for the good of the content strategy community. Web users will thank you for years to come.